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MindFuel Case Study

During my 10 week Bootcamp, I designed a digital experience that provides young adults with the means of credible information in the health and fitness industry. This was completed through research, user testing, prototyping, and designing.

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Problem Space

Young adults are heavily influenced by social media influencers. It is not uncommon for uncredible sources to promote products and diets as a way to achieving unobtainable health and fitness goals. Studies have shown that an improper diet or overexercising can be detrimental to your overall health and long-term side effects are very common.

Secondary Research

Young adults are heavily influenced by social media. The ratio of reliable to unreliable health and fitness information is skewed due to this topic being so prominent. Ideally, young adults should only be provided with health-related information that will assist them with their health and fitness goals. Over 70% of normal-weighted women want to be thinner, 34% of men want to be thinner.

Poor body image can often lead to depression, eating disorders, social anxiety, and more. Over 80% of 10-year-olds are afraid of being fat. Project EAT reveals statistics through how the media plays a huge role in causing young adults to fantasize over celebrity influencers and their health and fitness regimens.

Design Question

“ How might we help young adults improve their health and fitness regiments in order to better their mental and physical health?”

Primary Research

Common Themes

  1. Comparison Subjects felt they were constantly comparing themselves to others on social media. This makes it much hard to create goals based on their own needs.
  2. Pressure — All interviews said they spent over 6 hours a day scrolling through social media. With over 70% of their feed related to health and fitness, all subjects stated the constant pressure to workout was having negative effects.
  3. Trust — All believe that the products being promoted are fake and influencers are posting about products they don’t use. This creates trust issues within the health and fitness space.


Experience Map

Task Flow

As Kiera, I want to find and favourite videos based on my fitness needs so that I can incorporate verified workouts into my lifestyle.


Mid-Fi Wireframes

Key screens for task flow

User Testing feedback

  • The video screen does not need a preview button when on the preview.
  • Login screens were hard to differentiate from a sign-up page.

Hi-Fi Wireframes

Key Learnings & Takeaways

  • Have your user in mind at all times and trust the design process
  • ALWAYS relate back to your persona
  • Embrace the feedback by peers and educators

Product Designer living in Toronto

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