Shopify — Design Sprint

Shopify challenged us to design a solution to bring brick-and-mortar sensory experiences online. My team and I delivered a web integrated solution that enabled customers and apparel stores to utilize 3D scanning technology. This would be geared towards obtaining accurate body measurements, recommending you the best size/fit to ultimately reduce customer anxiety.

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Duration: 5 Days
Team Members: Niti Oza, Kevin Liu, Eddy Huynh,
Role: User experience researchers, Designers
Tools: Figma

Problem Space

Stores are forced to close their brick-and-mortar locations due to the pandemic (COVID-19) which has caused a huge shift to their previous shopping experience. We examined why shoppers may be having anxiety about adapting to this new experience.

Primary Research Findings

  • 67% of young adults have increased their online shopping compared to earlier this year (2020).

Design Question

How might we help young adults in North America feel confident with their online purchases in order to decrease customer sizing anxiety when shopping online?

characters smiling
characters smiling


We believe that giving customers their accurate sizing will make them happier with their purchase and lower return rates. We will know we are right when we see positive reviews around sizing, decreased returns, and increased conversion.


  • Consumers like assistance when it comes to recommendations and knowledge of the product.

Primary Research

In order to engage with my problem space, I conducted user interviews to relate to their current experiences with online shopping. This gave me the leverage to understand and connect with my users on a deeper level by navigating through their goals and pain points. The participant criteria were Millenials within the age of 22–38 who were Canadian.


Andrew Yones, Persona
Andrew Yones, Persona

Experience Map

Andrew Yones (persona) Experience map
Andrew Yones (persona) Experience map

Competitive Analysis — Kiwi Sizing

Kiwi Sizing is Shopify's leading plugin for sizing recommendations. This plug-in requires pre-manual measurements and manual data entry. Our goal was to minimize this process and achieve the most accurate size recommendations.

Ideation & Sketching

Our sketches explore a plugin for optimal user experience around personal sizes and measurements.

V1 & V2 prototypes


  • Integrated on product page


  • Requires manual entry

High Fidelity prototype

Product Features

Plug-in Integration

  • Integrated into the customer shopping experience

3D Scanner

  • Integrated into the customer shopping experience

Next Steps

  • Integrate the customer Syze plugin for Shopify apparel merchants

Success Metrics

  • Decreased return rates for fit and sizing issues

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